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Globally acknowledged Math skill development training concept for children – about to launch in Denmark, CPH - Springboard

  • 26 Apr 2017
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Væksthus Hovedstaden, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 København Ø
  • 16


  • Vær med som observatør og bliv inspireret af vækstvirksomheden og paneldeltagerne. Deadline for tilmelding er torsdag d. 20. april 2017.
  • Vær med til at give sparring til vækstvirksomheden, og til at netværke med de andre medlemmer i panelet. Deadline for tilmelding er torsdag d. 20. april 2017.

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Points for sparring
- Business development
- Go-to-marketOrganisational set-up
- Financing support

Industry: Research and education

Udviklingsstadie: Proof of Business

The company  (with corporate offices in Chennai, India)  is a skill development course to improve children Concentration and Confidence in Mathematics. The course has an impact on children's memory , learning ability, creativity, imagination, self confidence, visualisation, speed and accuracy.

The company was started in October 2013 in Bergen-Norway, and has established its training centres across Norway and educated more than 300 students with the company's unique techniques.

In 2020, the company aims to help minimum of 5,000 students to improve/impact on their learning ability with revenue of 50 million DKK.

Our proven methodology helps children to improve their skills and learning ability, which will ultimately advance their academics to build enhanced future.


Financing & Funding

Business Development

Marketing & Branding

Organizational Development


Finance & Accounting

This Springboard will be held in English / Dette Springboard vil blive afholdt på engelsk


The company and mission

To Stimulate Children's hidden potential and sharpen their logic and creative thinking skills and ensure that all the children in Denmark have a successful school career. 


The Company's training helps the children to achieve whole brain development in systematic way. Learning with Abacus is a proven training methodology that helps the children to improve the efficiency of their brain. Abacus is an ancient calculating tool. Learning with Abacus enables the children to calculate complex numbers faster and helps the children attain whole brain development in a natural and stress free manner.

What is unique?

 It is a unique method that involves the three senses such as -Visual (Seeing), Auditory (Hearing) & kinesthetic (Doing) (VAK) – simultaneously using the Abacus tool for better concentration. It also creates powerful sensory stimuli. Besides, Abacus learning enriches Mathematical skills .

Part of teaching is to talk about positive Attitudes and Motivation. Children take part in fun learning environment that makes them inspired. Courses are a unique way to develop children's skills and socialize regardless of cultural background.

To achieve this, we have regular dialogue with Parents, Children and Teacher. Parents get follow-up and continuous feedback on the progress of the course.

Product / service

- The Company helps children to improve concentration, memory, creativity, learning ability and confidence in Math.
- It improves confidence in maths at the younger children which leads the successful school career.
- Being present in the classroom (during SFO time), we can develop and improve where it has the most impact on students education and success.

Processes and actions

- Establish our training centres through potential representatives and Teachers.
- Having representatives in each city where they represent the Danish branch of the company to handle the course.
- We provide our concept training to the teachers and representatives in various cities to Educate children.
- We train, assess and motivate the Representative and Teachers of the Company once in three months for each level of the course.
- We provide the training materials for each child during every level of the course.
- Also Assess the children results every three months on completion of each level.
- Appreciating Children on the completion of each level by certificates.
-Weekly follow up of children for the regular practice.
- Conducting the contest every semester to realise their potential and performance. And all the children are equally awarded.

The Business Model

- Parents pay monthly fee
  • - Teachers and representatives pay the concept training fee
  • - Teachers are paid monthly on hourly basis


End users: All the children aged between 5 to 14 years in Denmark.

Decision makers: Parents

The market

Parents support and recommendations

We do not have big marketing budgets. We have survived by parents’ recommendation to each other, and they have happily done diligently. All our teachers and partners take pride in making a great difference in every child. Ever since we have been winning over the years in improving children skills!

We also conduct free trial Session with Parents and children to understand their aspiration and expectations and about the product and its concepts at different schools and in Private Areas.


It is unique methodology and do not have any competitors in Denmark.

Growth potential / goals

- We have great potential for this project in Denmark. Our project has great importance in improving our future generation in the society.
- Our short term goal is to improve at least 5,000 children brain skills using our methodology and make revenue of 50 million DKK by 2020. 

Management team

Managing Director:

Basically from the field of Mechanical Engineering, and having worked for several years as a Senior Quality Engineer with leading Companies in Tech Mahindra, iSoft R&D, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) until 2013, and as a teacher with the company. Teaching has been my passion and I must admit that I work a lot; it gives me a good feeling and greater energy because of helping so many young children everyday.

I came to Norway in 2013 and realized that the children in Norway need help in Mathematics and decided to offer an easy and fun filled concept to improve their Arithmetic skills, with the start of my own Organisation. The teacher in me to serve as a role model and a mentor to young children to find their inner potential. From its beginning, the concept has forged bonds with all the parents and children by providing structured training and proven results in children made everyone happy. I toiled around the clock to get the project to succeed.

My Vision for this Danish Branch of the Company is that to ensure all children have a successful school career. By being present in the classroom, We can develop and improve where it has the most impact on students education and success.

Board of Directors

No Advisory Board or Board established.

Looking for highly skilled Board of Directors with extensive experience (as investor, director and Chairman) in new business development.


The Company has already signed up with St.Joseph school at Roskilde, Denmark to start new batch from beginning of February 2017 and currently running private center in Copenhagen since November 2016.

We are in the process of identifying potential partners to work in various cities of Denmark and currently have interested partners to work in Aarhus. 

Questions for the panel 

How can we accelerate our business in Denmark (private centres, SFO, other)?

How can we segment the market (geography, private vs. public schools, other)?

Who would be relevant strategic partners (Kommune, Corporates, other)?

What is the ideal business model for the Danish market?

- Conducting the course as an after school activity during SFO time
- As part of school curriculum for 15 minutes everyday
- Other?

What kind of organisational set-up must be established (partners, teachers, Board, other)?

 How do we raise funds to gear the business?

- Course fee from parents
- Concept Training fees to the teachers and partners
Grants from Banks, Corporates, Kommune and other organisations

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