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Copenhagen based global risk consultancy and software organization, seeking input on innovative collaborative business model and revenue distribution scheme, software sales in the USA, KBH - SPRINGBOARD®

  • 13 Sep 2018
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Jyskebank, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Vesterbrogade 9, 1780 København V
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  • Last registration date Wednesday 5th of September, 2018
  • Last registration date Wednesday 5th of September, 2018

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Focus: Business Development

Topics for debate: 
- Does the overall strategy and business model make sense? Should focus be on consultancy, software sales, or on the integration of both – how should the strategy be adjusted?
- ‘Customer' view feedback on a very unconventional organizational form, and untraditional revenue sharing structure; advantages and disadvantages?
- The software strategy: Currently reseller, but with a strategic option to become co-owner of the software business, and thus an element of exclusivity, - with special focus on the US market

Industry / sector: Software/SaaS, FinTech (Finance and insurance), Services/Consultant/Advisory

Development stage: Proof of Business

The organization operates a boutique consultancy, offering advisory services within the Governance, Risk & Compliance domains in services, projects, thought leadership, and software integration.
The organization seeks to deliver superior client value and become a trusted partner and advisor to its customers.
The success of the strategy revolves around;
An evolving and inventive Business Model, that stimulates Subject Matter Experts located around the globe, to join the organization in a loose-form contractual relationship
Establishment of a hub office in Denmark with core & support operations (8-10 FTEs) and multiple associates situated in key locations globally and close to key client clusters
In addition, the organization offers advisory services within Cybersecurity, recruitment of GRC professionals (expert staffing) and bespoke software selection, provision and sale.
The organization seeks input on the overall strategy, and specific input on the business model, organizational mode, specifically the combination of know-how & implementation sales, bundled with software sales, - as a tool to anchor and lock-in customer relationships.  

Competencies & skills requested:
Marketing & Distribution Channels
Business Models
Innovation (business, market, product, process)
Legal relationship
Concept development
Market Analysis
Market knowledge North America
Marketing & Branding
Online marketing
Organizational Development
Strategy and growth plans

Please Note : This entire SPRINGBOARD will be held in ENGLISH language. All material (documents and slides) will also be in ENGLISH language



The organization provides strategy, delivery and analysis, through advisory services and projects within Governance, Risk & Compliance. It achieves these services by:
- Recruitment
- Advising on and selling software. (potential exists for part ownership in one software provider)
- Delivery activity is achieved through a network of vetted self-employed consultants who are all linked to the organization via contractual and commercial commitments
The organization focuses on major markets and segments in Copenhagen, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, primarily within the Financial Sector (banks, insurance companies and asset managers) and associated industries.
The organization has competitors in” The Big 4” management consultancies, and a larger number of smaller strategic consultancy houses e.g. Oliver Wyman, Protiviti with a similar narrow subject matter focus.
As a growth target, the organization wants to be able to provide services for customers globally, via a core office located in Copenhagen, which would enable them to provide services for clients, calling on the ‘consultant pool’ of loosely associated resources as required. There is a need for capital to be able to grow, which must be added through revenue from future projects invoiced. Potentially external capital raised at some point in the future.
Currently the organization has 1 customer in Hong Kong, as well as 5-6 customers in Copenhagen/Stockholm/London/Los Angeles.
There is a current bid pending to become ‘Independent Risk Advisors’ to the Central Bank of Ireland. 
The organization’s CEO is an experienced banking executive and subject matter expert in operational risk management, who is supported by other founding consultants which are considered experts globally, and thought leaders in Governance, Risk & Compliance.
The organization has also entered into a partnership with other, related and complimentary, consultancies, enabling the organization to become the de-facto ”go-to” advisory consultancy, by having global experts with value adding  practical experience, that  spans  financial and other industries, focusing on the Governance, Risk and Compliance fields.
Expert knowledge and subject matter expertise and experience are the foundation of the company's success. Salaries are currently paid to 1 FTE who is responsible for online marketing initiatives. The intent is to attract additional global experts via the unique business model, which provides consultants with 60% to 75% of gross fees generated and an additional bonus structure for attracting new clients and reselling software. 
Sales will be incentivized by putting the most money in the pockets of the consultants. (A clear break with the conventional models in classic consultancies).
- 5% bonus is gained by providing a contact
- 15% bonus is earned if successfully pitching
- 50% of fees of sales price if software is sold 
The organization expects that its professional brand and marketing efforts will motivate highly skilled subject matter experts to join the ‘scheme’. (As it already has with two highly qualified co-founding Consultants, who were added organically on an invitation/personal recommendation basis) New consultants added must be considered as global experts in the field.
The entire model and setup is what the organization seeks strategic sparring on: a model where consultants and people are given much more generous incentives, but without any payroll or overhead constraints and fixed commitments. 
The organization through its consultants, can provide the full spectrum of Governance, Risk & Compliance activity, create value in an expedited pace, and provide new concepts and solutions, and software, while focusing on realizing savings in the burden of ownership.
The value proposition of the organization; new approach to the market with intent to reduce cost associated with compliance to regulatory requirements, evolutionist thinking about risk and it’s management
- Provide “risk management as a service” to medium sized companies with proprietary software, remotely or on site
- Provide statutory reporting on risk and compliance as a service, based on proprietary software, remotely or on site
- Provide HR services and aid companies with recruitment within the GRC area
- Provide advice with the GRC requirements of IPOs and Stock Exchange listings
- Provide GRC advice to Boards on assessing effectiveness of GRC arrangements. While GRC oversight objectives may vary from company to company

Question to the panel:

Strategy statement: How can the organization become more concrete and specific in our strategy statement. We have had longer statements but always fall back on the shorter version. Should strategic focus and statement be modified?
The company today resells some software, but also has the strategic option to enter into a partnership/ownership and create a US based company to sell software to the US market specifically.
Input on pros and cons on starting a software company in the US would be appreciated?
Business model – is there a potential for improving the business model and create even more incentive for associate consultants to find new clients and sell software?
Market segmentation – are we spreading too widely in this early stage? What segments should the focus be on?
Hub location - Currently the company is located in Denmark, as highly skilled employees for the core can be easily located there. However, as the company is global, it could potentially be located anywhere. Are the cost advantages worth the downside? Input on potential locations and pro’s and cons for the company would be appreciated?
Any thoughts on our unique offerings. Do you see a market demand for ‘risk management as a service’, board advisory services, and/or GRC Human Resources assistance?
Any input on additional concepts and services would be appreciated. 

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