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Happiest Country? 13% of population disagrees. Startup with solutions for global mobility & successful foreign hire retention; go-to-market and future growth strategy, CPH - SPRINGBOARD®

  • 31 Jan 2019
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • VIRKSOM, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Vermlandsgade 65, 2300 København S
  • 13


  • Last registration date 21st of January 2019
  • Last registration date 21st of January 2019

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Please note that material and the event will be in English language

Focus: Business Development

Topics for sparring:

Business model and strategy, how to position the business to further attract corporate and large international organizational attention?

Cost structure and re-evaluation of services packages, networking platform and digital product solutions (App, mobile / online services).

Strategy for funding the next growth stage (regional & international) of the business?

Sector: Digital content production, Internet, App, Services/Consultant/Advisory

Development stage: Proof of Business

Global Companies spend millions of kroner each year relocating international hires globally. Many of these assignments fail due to the assignee or their family not settling in to the host country.

13% of the Danish population are international working professionals and in the InterNations Survey 2018, out of 68 countries Denmark ranked 64 for “Ease of Settling In.”

This company offers products and services to improve the foreign assignment experience for expatriates, providing the hiring company with international talent retention and focused value-adding employees, right from the start of a mission or assignment, aiming to improve the overall success of the internal assignment itself.

The traction so far has been positive; however, the company aims to position itself further up the value chain, and closer to the value created for the international company and organization, in addition to the individuals and families its offerings support.

And the ambitions stretch far; the company now needs to prepare for regional establishment and international growth.


Business Models

Business Development (M&A)

HRMarketing & Distribution Channels



Financing, Funding & Raising Capital

In- & Outsourcing

It & Systems development

Concept development

Marketing & Branding

Organizational Development



Project management

Strategy and growth plans

Operations & action plans


The challenges expats face when moving abroad are seemingly endless, especially when they move to a country where they don’t speak the language, know the culture, have family or a social network to ask for help. Focusing on Foreign Assignees, International Hires, and Relocating Spouses, this company provides solutions for global mobility and HR professionals to ensure Happy Employees resulting in productive, sustainable and cost-efficient international assignments.

The founder behind this company has been an expat for over 25 years and more importantly, successfully assisted over 2000 internationals and their families relocating in and out of Denmark.

The result is an extensive knowledge & experience base, as well as a valuable network in the Mobility & Relocation industry.

The company is acutely aware of what international companies need to do to ensure the relocation of these international employees and their families.

This company is setting primary focus on expansion and growth both nationally, regionally and why not globally, becoming the leading ‘Settling In Network’ for International working professionals, their accompanying families AND their hiring company.

On the pure product side, the company is working to create an International Networking Portal and a ‘Settling In App’ for both employee and company.

Successfully launched in September 2017. Foundation and concept in place.

Invoiced +/- 50 x B2B & B2C totaling over 350.000DKK in 2018.

Current Income Source: Workshops, events, seminars and B2C settling in services.

How do service providers get past the “Gate keepers” in the HR departments of global companies?

Recommendations regarding strategic alliances and collaborating with both national and International partners.

Which organizational structure is needed for regional, international and global expansion?

Reflections on how to create and design a networking platform with digital solutions which can scale exponentially?

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