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Global-learning-platform introduces - BaaS (BrandAsAService) – addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the travel industry, KBH – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 22 Mar 2019
  • 12:30 - 15:30
  • Nordisk Film A/S, kl 12:30 til 15:30 pa Mosedalvej 14, 2500 Valby
  • 13


  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Søndag den 10. marts 2019
  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Søndag den 10. marts 2019

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Please note that the event will be in Danish and the associated material will be in English.

Focus: Forretningsudvikling, Kapitalfremskaffelse

Topics for discussion 

The company seeks advice regarding scaling globally (pros/cons) and investor readiness/identification.

Sector: Mode og design (tøj, tekstil, møbler, lamper, interiør mv.), Film, lyd, bog og musikudgivelser (digital indholdsproduktion), Internet, App

Development stage : Proof of Concept

Tapping into the lack of a global learning platform (analogue/digital) children age 4-11 can relate to, the company will create a unique brand that via stories told to children, will:

- Communicate essential topics to children starting with the 17 SDG’s

- Peak children’s curiosity and engagement in all the phases of a travel

Businesses surrounding the travel industry as well as NGO’s will use the concept as BaaS to enhance the children buy-in and engagement.


Afsætning & Distributionskanaler




Finansiering & Kapitalrejsning



Investor Pitch

Markedskendskab Europa

Marketing & Branding

Online marketing



Strategi og vækstplaner


The company will:

- be a disrupter in the way children get inspired to travel with their parents

- create a ‘Global Power Travel Icon’, which will set a new standard for travelling experiences for families with children between 4-11 years old

- make children power travellers, raising their interest in family trips by teaching and engaging them in the places they visit thus making them feel safe about it.


- The children don’t feel committed, engaged or interested in participating in the process when planning and traveling with their parents. The parents get frustrated.


- The company will create the connection between cities and children thanks to:

- compelling stories told through the eyes of children

- strong characters to which children can relate to

- unique design with physical and digital representations

Business model:

Customer groups:

- (B2C) Parents with children between 4 and 11 years old who want to engage their kids in trips they plan to take

- (B2C) Other relatives

- (B2B) Tourism industry companies seeking to improve consumer experience for families (airlines, hotel groups, cities, etc.)

- (B2B) Tourism industry companies looking to expand their reach by having access to qualified consumer database



- Travel inspiration books

- Movies, Television (with content directed to kids)

- Apps

- Board games

- Travel for kids websites

Examples are: Lonely planet for kids, Felix Den Hase, Dora the explorer, www.travelforkids.com

Growth potential and financial targets:

- The stories will have global appeal and can be used to create inspiration across the globe. Translation into local market languages will be needed, but the content and illustrations stay the same.

Management and team:

- Founders (Marianne and Jesper)

- Author (Marianne)

- Proof-reader (consultant)

- Illustrator (consultant)

- Graphic designer (consultant)

- Accountant (external)

- Pick&Pack logistic service (external)

Financial environment and current project development status:

- Everything is currently self-financed by the founders

- The company go-live 1.2.2019 with 4 published stories, 1 website/shop and one plush rabbit, 70 cm (the main character from the universe)

Questions for the panel:

- How should a global roll-out plan be constructed in order to utilize strengths and avoiding weaknesses? A SWOT analysis would be excellent as take away.

- Is the concept, storyline and general idea strong enough on a global scale?

- What areas should be focused on to attract investor attention?

- What investors would be most suitable for this kind of concept?

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