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Polish MedTech-company (telemedicine CTG system) plans to enter the Danish market – test of Go-to-market strategy before entering, Odense – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 05 Dec 2019
  • 13:30 - 16:30
  • Invest in Odense/Public Intelligence, kl 13:30 til 16:30 pa Billedskærervej 17, 5230 Odense
  • 18


  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Søndag den 1. december 2019
  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Søndag den 1. december 2019

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Focus: Business development

Points for sparring

“Go-to-market Denmark”-strategy


- Business model

- Price model

- Sales strategy

- Industry structure to uncover underlying market dynamics

Industry: Medtech

Development stage: Proof of Business

Listed on Warsaw stock exchange (Newconnect) medtech startup from Poland created in 2013. Produce CTG (cardiotocography) Telemedicine system designed for remote diagnostic of pregnant women in third trimester of pregnancy. System is registered as medical product in class IIa (CE). Product sales started in 2016 (Poland) and in 2018 other markets.

Please note that presentation from the company and the following panel discussions will be in English


Sales & Distribution Channels

B2B + B2G

Business Models

Business Development



Marketing & Branding




Business operations & Action Plan


Our story started in 2013, when a personal tragedy inspired our CEO, Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, to design and introduce a patient friendly, clinical grade, mobile CTG. Nestmedic is an innovative technology company, active in the telemedicine and digital health sectors. Its business focus consists of developing, manufacturing and delivering a mobile telemedical solution for remote testing of fetal well-being by cardiotocography (CTG) – Pregnabit system.

Nestmedic’s CEO, Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, was awarded the title of „Innovator of the Year 2016” by MIT Technology Review. Nestmedic has also received a medicine technology award – a distinction for “the most innovative product at the fair” by the organizer of the International Healthcare Exhibition (WIHE). We are multifunctional team, combining unique expertise in medicine, engineering, IT, finance, sales and communication.

Our strengths:

- dedicated team,

- comprehensive telemedical solution,

- recognized technology,

- possibility of integration,

We communicate with partners from approx. 15 foreign markets. In accordance with the corporate strategy, opening the talks for many markets will allow for a diversification of risk related to delayed entering into individual markets.

Pregnabit is already present on the following markets: Poland, Finland and Bulgaria. We have also pilot test phase in other markets (Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, Vietnam). In Poland Pregnabit is offered in almost 50 medical units. In Finland in the biggest national hospital (HUS Helsinki University Hospital).

About 2.5 million stillbirths take place each year - it means over 7.000 deaths every single day. The majority of stillbirths are preventable. The rates correlate with access to maternal healthcare.

Importantly, high variation in stillbirth rates across high-income countries still persists. Based on reports, substandard care contributes to 20–30% of all stillbirths If all high-income countries achieved stillbirth rates equal to the best performing countries, 19.439 stillbirths could have been avoided only in 2015.

Nestmedic mission is to support health care professionals to bring every pregnancy to a happy ending. That’s why we have developed the Pregnabit system.

Pregnabit system was created to achieve the following goals:

- to give a patient (pregnant women) the possibility to monitor child’s wellbeing anytime, anywhere,

- to give a doctor a possibility to monitor a patient from anywhere,

- to improve access to high-quality health care,

- to collect medical data to give a wider perspective,

- avoid unnecessary deaths.

Pregnabit is an innovative mobile CTG device integrated with the telemedical platform, which was created to support doctors and midwives’ daily practice. The CTG recording is sent to the telemedical platform, where can be accessed by the attending physician and to the medical telemonitoring center, where the qualified personnel analyse it 24/7. The result with the description is sent to the patient who gains calm and confidence that her baby is healthy, as well as the convenience of performing examination at home. In case the in-depth diagnostics in needed, the patient is directed to the medical facility; in extreme cases it is even possible to send an ambulance directly to the patient. The professionals gain a tool that facilitates their everyday obstetric practice and increases control over specific cases, such as threatened pregnancies. Pregnabit combines features of professional CTG device used in clinics and comfortable and ergonomic mobile device and sets new trends in obstetric care and significantly improves the quality of perinatal prophylaxis.

Questions for the panel

- What business model Pregnabit should use on Denmark market?

- What would be the optimal price model?

- Which sales channel would be the best for Pregnabit in Denmark?

- What is the optimal market entry strategy for Pregnabit?

- What is the right product development direction?

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