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Online: Innovative two-sided relocation platform providing fixed prices and transparency to the market – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 03 Dec 2020
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • Vækstfonden, kl 14:00 til 16:00 pa online, mødeplatform
  • 15


  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Torsdag den 26. november 2020
  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Torsdag den 26. november 2020

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Fokus: forretningsudvikling

Introduktion til SPRINGBOARD®

In the commercial relocation space, it seems as if time has stood still. The customer journey is still uncertain and time-consuming. It involves numerous calls and physical inspections. Yet today’s consumer expects a seamless experience, via a few simple clicks. We have created a smart application, enabling customers to book and pay a mover online with a fixed price.

Punkter til sparring

We are looking for competencies within transportation, marketplaces/product and finance, to help us with:

1. Sales strategy

2. Insourcing product development

3. Funding strategy

Branche: Internet

Udviklingsstadie: Proof of Concept

Region: Hovedstaden

Kompetencer til panelet

Afsætning & Distributionskanaler





Finansiering & Kapitalrejsning

In-, og Outsourcing



This Springboard will be held in Danish / Dette Springboard vil blive afholdt på dansk.


The marketplace comprises a comprehensive automated online order process that offers users unparalleled levels of safety, control, and fixed pricing, ensuring a stress-free moving experience.

The customer journey is still inconvenient and time-consuming. It involves numerous calls, emails, physical inspections, and so on. Yet today’s consumer expects a seamless experience, via a few simple clicks, like booking a taxi or a hotel.

- 88 % of all customers prefer a fixed price when ordering moving services

- It takes in average 32h to get a fixed price (not legally guaranteed)

Our smart application includes a pricing mechanism and supply base algorithm, providing an online experience for customers in need of moving services, and connects these with the best moving companies based on a combination of price, location, reviews and expertise within 10 min.

Capitalizing on the rising interest in the global activity of human relocation that has catapulted the moving service industry into a multi-billion market and the demand for simple, safe and affordable online services, the platform is positioned to become the leader for the Generation Y and Z, within the industry. Relocating consumers can get a quick quote, after inserting household details into the platform, including dimensions rooms, inventory, location distance and few other dimensions. The application offers lower prices for high quality, by deploying a strategy of harnessing excess capacities from professional partners on marketing, inspection and support.

Having already validated the product on beta-users both on the supply and demand side, we are now seeking 2.65 million DKK in funding, to support the optimization of inbound traffic , strategic supply partnerships and integration of Artificial Intelligence into the product, while preparing for international expansion to SE and NO.

- What’s unique: The first fully digitalized online relocation platform in Denmark, with guaranteed fixed price.

- What problem does the company solve: Expensive, time-consuming and uncertain relocations

- The solution: Convenient online order application

- The business model: Commission-based marketplace

- Customer segment: B2B, B2C

- The industry: Relocation

- Competitor: Movinga

- Objecctive 2021: 1,105 transactions

- Management and team: CEO, CFO and Sweden Country Manager

- Financing: Bootstrapped so far

- Status: Launched in October 2020

Questions for the panel

1.Sales strategy

As the nature of the product limits our B2C retention rates, would it make sense to tailor our sales strategy, to only focus on the B2B market?

How can we measure the relative LTV for B2C vs B2B, with the very low level of public data accessible currently?

2.Insourcing product development/protecting intellectual copyrights.

When should we start in-sourcing product?

Is it worth hiring a CTO already, or should we focus our money on lowering CPAs?

3.Funding strategy:

How to measure the expected valuation in this early stage supporting these with our milestones?

How can we project unit economics and contribution margin in the longer run?

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