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ONLINE: Cocktails on small keg systems – Quality – Price efficient – Effortless - Seeking guidance on go-to-market-plan and sales – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 21 Dec 2020
  • 13:30 - 16:30
  • EY, kl 13:30 til 16:30 pa online, mødelokale
  • 15


  • TILMELDINGSFRIST: 14. december 2020
  • TILMELDINGSFRIST: 14. december 2020

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The company is a startup that sells customizable quality cocktails at a fair price on innovative small keg systems.

The company has since August 2020 been offering its products on the Danish market. The company has a few regular customers that provide a steady turnover.

Company now wants to create an amusing environment for its B2B customers - and enter the B2C market after maturation.

Punkter til sparring


1.Sales strategy and channels

2.Strategic partnerships

3.Innovation possibilities for customization in the production line

Branche: Fødevarer

Udviklingsstadie: Proof of Business

Region: Fyn

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Marketing & Branding

Online marketing



Strategi og vækstplaner


Foundation of the idea:

Cocktails on kegs is a relatively unknown concept in Denmark. Evaluation shows that this concept has potential. The idea of cocktails on kegs emerged from the fact that cocktail creation is a timely affair, accompanied by high costs. The keg provides an effortless acquisition of cocktails for any event, and allows product storage for up to four months.

Value proposition:

Recreational alcohol consumption has strong roots in Denmark, yet, access to products that not only taste good but provide a quality customer journey are lacking.

The Company offers a new approach to quality alcohol consumption with customizable, yet price efficient cocktails served in kegs with an easy to assemble pouring system. The service consists of an effortless approach by ordering online with included delivery and pickup.

Business model:

The income sources are website orders or cocktail sales at events. The primary focus is to establish close relationships within the B2B market.

The Company expects to sell to tech and growth stage company events. Once an order has been placed, The Company focuses on retaining customers with a subscription model and developing the product based on continuous customer feedback.


Key customers are businesses who wish to increase general satisfaction by having affordable quality drinks delivered at their events and gatherings.

For validation, on site research was conducted where potential users tested the product. The latest was an event of 68 people: 87% showed great interest in The Company, and 34% purchased an extra drink after tasting.

Competition and market:

There are close to 700 companies in Denmark in the same NACE category, however, the majority offer an inferior customer journey at much higher costs.

The Company differs from competitors with a unique product design that fills a market gap in on-demand beverage delivery and servicing. Once the dispenser is fully developed, The Company will be the only provider of this service, with the added benefit of serving an exact volume of drinks, handmade by professional bartenders.

Comparing a substitute product provider, it is evident that The Company, can disrupt the market, by offering a better customer journey experience, at half the costs. With the competitor, customers order their cocktails to a package shop, pick it up themselves, and send the containers back after consumption.

The Company has a better price value ratio by offering an affordable customer friendly service.

Growth potential/Goals/Ambitions:

The Company wants to change the accessibility and pricing of quality cocktails for the private and retail market. The contribution for the industry is an effortless service approach, and innovation in production methods for customized cocktails with minimum processed ingredients.

Leadership and team:

In total the team has close to 30 years of experience in hospitality and close to half of these

have been focused on bartending. The knowledge and diversity of the team members’

respective fields provide structure and optimizes the previously established systems. Each team member possesses crucial knowledge with regards to business customs in their own field, and close teamwork creates invaluable synergies for the company that boosts efficiency.

Economy and financing:


Questions for the panel

1.Sales strategy and channels

- What do you perceive as our strongest selling point?

- How would you penetrate the B2B market?

- Is there retail potential in the product?

- Where could you find data telling about alcohol consumption by season in Denmark?

- Who could do the research?

2.Strategic partnerships

- What are the best partnership options for this type of Company?

3.Innovation possibilities for customization in the production line

-Who could help with designing a production line which would be open for customized drinks?

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