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ONLINE: Maintaining profitability while transitioning to sustainable EV operations while communicating business model innovation – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 13 Aug 2021
  • 12:30 - 15:00
  • Heyfunding, kl 12:30 til 15:00 pa Online, mødeplatform
  • 24


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Focus: Business Development, Raising Capital & Funding

The company develops methodology for the efficient and profitable use of EV fleets.

Currently in the MVP stage, with operational research, concept testing, a solid customer pipeline and prof-itability for distributing with EVs, all in the capital region of Denmark. In 2025 the company will form & launch a franchise concept internationally.

Points for sparring

For this SPRINGBOARD®, panel participants with competencies within the following three topics or ques-tions are sought (priority order):

1.Logistics & mobility

2.Strategic international partnerships



Sector/Industry: Climate, Software/SaaS, Telecommunications, Digitalization (of existing companies), Automation, Robot-technology, Drones

Development state: Proof of Business

Region: Capital Region

Competencies for the panel


Business Development (M&A)

Innovation (business, market, product, process)

It & Systems development


Concept development



Market knowledge Europe

Market knowledge North America


Strategy and growth plans

Operations & Action Plans


- The company develops methodology for the efficient and profitable use of EV fleets.

- Its ecosystem contains a SaaS solution, a sustainable operational framework (climate and social focus), and a network of partnerships.

- Under the brand name, the ecosystem offers support tools that enable small and medium parcel distributors to reach sustainable standards in their operations, while maintaining profitability.

- It is a great challenge for the parcel distribution industry to maintain profitability while transitioning to sustainable EV operations.

- The end products of the company are a software license or a franchise concept to enable small and me-dium parcel distributors to elevate their operation to sustainable standards while maintaining profitability.

- Depending on the conditions of each geographic market, either software licencing of franchising will be available; similar to how Amazon asseses each market approach between Amazon Prime and Amazon Web Services for other transport companies. The study company’s Amazon Prime equivalent is a franchise.

- The business’ customers can be independent distribution companies or subcontractors of bigger transport brands.

- Market

DNK 70M parcels/year

NOR 90M parcels/year

(market reports, Denmark’s Trade Council in New York)

US parcels USD 100.9 B by 2022

Global market parcels USD 330B in 2019

- Competitors: DHL Supply Chain WMS, Amazon’s Global Selling Solution Provider Network, OptimoRoute, OnFleet, FarEye

- Growth potential: 2025 US launch, 2028 IPO

- Management and team: Experience in the CEP industry, business and tech development. In-house team specialised in each core technical element developed.

- Finance / financing: bootstrapping, looking for seed funding.

- Status: MVP, ongoing software development, ongoing research, profitable (testing) distribution opera-tion.

Questions for the panel

The founders would like to develop the ecosystem together with bigger charging infrastructure companies & EV manufacturers but establishing a productive dialog between a start-up and corporate companies is extremely challenging. How can we get them to listen & engage?

1.Logistics & mobility

How can the company communicate with less structured distribution SMEs, to create efficient, national distribution networks with clear procedures and local accountability? Positive reinforcement for fleet performance is the company's strategy choice and evolvT welcomes mentors with experience in the industry, to help form procedure designs. Note: positive reinforcement is rarely the industry's default moti-vation strategy.

2.Strategic international partnerships

The founders would like to develop the ecosystem together with bigger charging infrastructure companies & EV manufacturers but corporate partnerships are often very hard to initiate by start-ups be-cause corporations have such a crowded strategic agenda for their decision-makers. How could evolvT get the decision-makers to listen & engage?


The companys management team is aware that licensee engagement is strongly connected with the licensee’s affinity for the software tools provided. Should the company receive honest feedback for improvement in the future, a gamified feedback channel might help create a strong base for ideation in the network. The licensee network is the biggest knowledge resource that the brand will have, compared with other market players.


With the test parcel distribution operations generating all the company’s sales at the moment, what is the introduction that the company should be using to describe the company? The public seems to be confused with the term methodology connected with evolvT but the company is more than a parcel distribution company and more complex than a SaaS seller.

Ideal partner categories: automotive manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers, telematics provid-ers, fintech solutions.

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