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PHYSICAL: Platform with global reach bring people with special needs together with the organizations that support them, CPH – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 25 Jan 2022
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Atea, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Lautrupvang 6, 2750 Ballerup
  • 17


  • Deadline: 7th September 2022
  • Deadline: 7th September 2022

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Focus: Business Development


A fully developed safe and secure online friendship, learning and communications platform for people with special needs and their supporting organization to help them connect and benefit from each other in a direct and involving way.

One of the exiting challenges the company is facing is education of a market going from offline to online. Another challenge is to get ready for a major international investment.

Points for sparring

- Go to market strategy

- Prerequisites for global roll out

- Organizational gearing

- Funding

Sector: App

Stage of development: Proof of Concept

Region: Central Region

Skills for the panel



Financing & funding



Organizational development



Strategy & growth plans

This SPRINGBOARD® will be held in Danish / Dette SPRINGBOARD® vil blive afholdt på Dansk


The solution

The company has launched a safe and secure social community App specifically designed for the population of over 200 million people with special needs living all over the world and their supporting organizations.

The new social App focuses on helping people with special needs create new friendships, learn new skills, have fun, enjoy activities, and communicate in whatever manner they can. There is finally a place for them to express themself – no matter how good they are in reading or writing! They can express themself verbally or not. In the App we speak to each other with video, audio, pictures, small pieces of text and even with pre-set sentences and emojis.

As an organization you can offer a wide range of online touchpoints for your target demographic. You can use video, audio, text, and pictures to provide information that can greatly benefit the users. Having presence within the App will make it easier for you to reach a much larger audience and thereby support so many more people that really need it. The back office is the go-to place for online success with this specific target group.

Hard facts

200 million people worldwide live with an intellectual or developmental disability, experiencing 1) hate crime, 2) loneliness, 3) bullying and 4) lack of friends and relations

Target group

The company has created an App for people with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, people with special needs, as well as for the organizations that support them. Our goal is that everyone can connect, interact, and benefit from each other by using the App. The company want you to have friends and support systems all around the world.

The App is designed to help people with special needs grow social skills, experience less loneliness, learn valuable life skills, and develop their online communication through our organizations online learning programs.

Business model

The members are forever free – they don’t hold a credit card or apple pay.

The organizations subscribe to a monthly membership of $99 for basic/$169 for pro, there is upsale in different packages (language, advert, etc.)

The team

CEO: +10 years of experience as communication strategist with target group

COO: +20 years of experience as strategic team leader with commercial focus

CTO: +14 years of experience as senior level assignments in Software Development/Data Analysis

CSO: +30 years of experience as sales expert former Netflix sales guru

The company has also established an informal advisory board.


2022 – 30,000 members + 100 organizations (3 countries, 10 sellers)
2023 – 150,000 members + 500 organizations (5 countries, 20 sellers)
2024 – 1,000,000 members + 4,000 organizations (7 countries, 50 sellers)


The English version of the App for members launched October 2021, the organization program launched December 1st this year. Free trial organizations testing the back office. Sales team started sale 15th of December. 2 of the world’s biggest organization signed up.

Questions for the panel

Go-to market strategy, discussing

    o Pricing model

    o Geography, i.e. which markets/clusters to prioritize

    o Speed of roll-out

    o Other relevant parameters that are critical to identify and discuss

    How do we invite and educate the market of organizations that have previously worked offline and in the old-fashioned analog way to get a compelling online presence?

      How do we ensure that our country-specific underlying organization creates a strong foundation for members, organizations and for us?

        How do we raise funds to support an aggressive roll-out strategy?

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