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PHYSICAL: Online marketplace targeting music producers – unique software solution tapping into a billion-dollar market. – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 27 Jun 2022
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Erhvervshus Hovedstaden, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Gl. Kongevej 11-13, 1610 Kbh K
  • 18


  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: 20. juni
  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: 20. juni

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Introduction to SPRINGBOARD®

The company is on a mission to simplify music producers’ digital life by collecting as many audio tools in one place as possible. The solution is a free application for macOS and Windows which allows music producers to explore and handle a growing number of audio plugins and sample libraries with ease.

The company is about to raise USD 1 million.

The SPRINGBOARD® is held in Danish.

Focus areas for the sparringsession

1. Funding 

2. Marketing

3. Sales

Industry: Software/SaaS

Development stage: Proof-of-Business

Region: Capital Region

Competencies in the panel

Financing and raising capital

Business Development

Marketing & Branding

Online marketing



Introduction to the company

The market then and now

In the past, music producers used hardware mixers for making music - and loads of additional hardware units for generating sound effects. The gear for a professional studio would cost millions and was only for the lucky. The first digital solutions were introduced in the 90’s and had very limited capabilities.

Today, music producers use software programs called DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and small software programs called plugins for generating sound effects. The “studio in a laptop” has caused an explosion in the music software market. Plugins exist in tens of thousands – and it’s a billion dollar industry which the company is tapping into.

The solution

The LIBRARY section is what really sets the company apart from all competitors currently on the market. This section will handle all downloads, installations and updates automatically.

The INSTALL ALL button is also referred to as “One button to rule them all”.

The business model

The company takes a 30% cut of the sales in the shop.

In addition, the company has plenty of options to expand their revenue streams: Subscription & rental options, selling ad space, a paid premium account with extra features, a marketplace with user generated content etc.

Customer segment

The core users are music producers – from top industry professionals and all the way to the millions of bedroom producers. However, the solution will also be an asset to sound designers and engineers in the film/TV/gaming industries, podcast creators etc.


Plugin Boutique, ADSR, Thomann, Splice, Gobbler, Plugin Alliance, Sweetwater + many more.

Market potential

2 million users paying USD 50 per year equals a potential of USD 100 million in annual turnover.


The company has had two funding rounds totaling USD 400,000 and is now looking to raise USD 1 million, preferably with an investor with experience in building online marketplaces and/or other relevant knowledge.

The team

A: CEO/founder/partner, with 15 years of experience from the music industry.

B: CTO/partner, full stack developer.

C: Content Manager, with 30 years of experience selling music gear and software.


The platform is growing and has currently 5,000 users.

More than 50.000 free plugins distributed.

First commercial products launched with unique installation features.

Reseller deals established with more than 40 plugin providers.

Questions for the panel

Gearing sales – how do the company gear sales in a cost-effective way?

Marketing – how can the company position their solution in order to gear sales and brand awareness?

Funding – how must the company pitch this investment opportunity to attract investors outside of the music industry?

Investors – who are relevant investors?


CONNECT Denmark — Bryghuspladsen 8, 3. sal, 1473 København K — Telefon: +45 24 27 07 07 — E-mail: connect@connectdenmark.com — Sociale platforme:
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