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PHYSICAL: Danish startup has launched “Netflix” for the visual music industry - SPRINGBOARD®

  • 27 Sep 2022
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Lydens Hus ved Erhvervshus Hovedstaden, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Gl. Kongevej 11-13, 1610 København V
  • 17


  • Signup deadline: 20 september
  • Signup deadline: 20 september

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Introduction to SPRINGBOARD®

In 2021 the company launched a backstage-pass to enter the visual music world. An online based platform for music lovers and fans to have all access to LIVE concerts, documentary, clinics, broadcasting of festivals and much more.

The company is aiming for a revolution in the music industry to extract music performances from all over the world and make it accessible by sharing it widely with music lovers. In return the company creates a much fairer income for the artists and a professional platform to host their visual music material. After all they are the creators of music and therefore this is sound made.

Questions for sparring

  • 1. Subscription model – if relevant to implement a subscription model, how to do this in the most effective way?

    2. Affiliate marketing through artists – how to implement and execute?

    3. Finance – should the company bootstrap or raise external financing? If external financing, discussions to focus on timing, relevant investors, pitch deck, etc.

Industry: Film, sound, book & music releases (digital contentproduction)

Development stage: Proof-of-Concept

Region: Copenhagen

Competencies required:

  • Pricing
  • Marketing & branding
  • Finance & investments

This SPRINGBOARD® will be held in Danish

The problem

During the last decade music artists and musicians earning on their (visual) Content has decreased dramatically, therefore the company sees a gap of lost revenue on visual streaming. Also musicians do not have a curated platform for their visual content, the expensive video productions have the potential to be showcased in an exclusive platform.

The solution

The company have created a curated platform only for music artists and the industry where through behind the scene, storytelling and original content can showcase and feed their fans while earning cashback from streams.

Besides their fans, upcoming artists can get a lot of inspiration out of these videos.


Among others Koda, Vega, Universal, Warner, Sony, Keld Reinicke.

Business and pricing model

Monthly backstage pass – DKK 83 (30 days free trial)

Yearly backstage pass – DKK 708 (30 days free trial)

Partner pass

● Artists – merchandise sale, access to limited content

● Labels – merchandise sale

● Venues/Festivals – sale of live stream


Video (Netflix, HBO, YouTube), Audio (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal), SoMe (TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube), Venues & festivals (Vega, Roskilde Festival)


A- 10 years of experience in the Music Industry as a Photo/videographer.

Worked with the A-list artists in Denmark. Worked as a freelancer for labels, managements, booking Agency in the danish music business.

B- Has a big team of freelancers/ Ad Hoc work


The company is broadcasting Nashville Nights in Odense which includes major American artists. Touring with Mads Langer.

CONNECT Denmark — Bryghuspladsen 8, 3. sal, 1473 København K — Telefon: +45 27 28 17 86 — E-mail: connect@connectdenmark.com — Sociale platforme:
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