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Dobbelt Springboard: Early-stage ConTech start-up & Produktion af drone-tracking komponenter - SPRINGBOARD®

  • 26 Jan 2023
  • 13:30 - 16:30
  • Invest in Odense, kl 13:30 til 16:30 pa Odense Rådhus - Flakhaven 2, Odense
  • 15


  • TILMELDINGSFRIST: 20. januar 2023.
  • TILMELDINGSFRIST: 20. januar 2023.

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Introduction to SPRINGBOARD®

Company 1: provides a semi-autonomous indoor painting solution focusing on large-scale construction projects. It paints walls and ceilings alongside construction painters increasing productivity, reducing costs, and physically straining labour.

Company 2: provides drone tracking technology to comply with the European drone legislation to obtain permission to operate autonomous drone Beyond Visual Line of Sight.

Forberende material og præsentationer er på engelsk/dansk. Drøftelser i panelet foregår på dansk.

Questions for sparring

For these SPRINGBOARDs, panelists can provide sparring in the following areas:

      1. - Go-to-market strategy – including business model, pricing, distribution channels
      2. - Financing/Raising capital: presenting the business case + soft funding, EU funding, business angels

          Industry: Automation, Robot-technology, Drones

          Development stage:  Pre-Proof of Concept

          Competencies required:

          • B2B
          • Financing, Funding & Raising Capital
          • Business Development (M&A)
          • In- and outsourcing
          • Innovation (business, market, product, process)
          • Pricing
          • Production
          • Sales
          • Strategy and growth plans

          COMPANY 1:

          Idea and USP

          Empowers painters through collaborative painting. Solution takes large, repetitive surfaces (walls and ceilings). Detailed work left for painters

          Problems Addressed

          Labour shortage (86% in EU, 33% painters retired withing decade), physical strain from painting above shoulder height, lacking productivity

          Our Solution

          A collaborative painting robot comprised of a mobile base and an extendable pillar equipped with a spray mechanism. It automatically moves along walls, avoids objects, and spray-paint walls and ceilings up to 3.5m high. It is a low-cost plug-and-play solution focused on simplicity using off-the-shelf parts using our state-of-the art proprietary algorithm and user-friendly software.

          Business model

          Sales through distributors specialized in paint(ing tools). Annual service fee for support, maintenance, and updates

          Target customers

          Construction painters, building maintenance organizations

          Competitors (Direct)

          Okibo, Les Companions, Transforma, Pace Robotics, and Canvas

          Competitors (Indirect)

          Traditional painting tools (rollers, brushes) and spray painting machines (e.g. Wagner, Graco)


          • o CTO - BSc. in Robotics and Mechatronics & MSc. In Robot Systems Engineering - part-time (20h p/w)
          • o CPO - MEng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering & MSc. in Robot Systems Engineering - full-time
          • o CEO – BBA. in International Business Marketing & Cand.Negot – full-time

          Growth Opportunity and Market

          Current market size estimated at 75.2 million EUR in the Nordic countries. CAGR EU average 2.42% and US 3.1%. McKinsey projects 30% automated by 2030 growing Nordic construction painting to ~1.17 billion EUR.

          • o EU – Current 886.3 million EUR, 2030 estimated at 13.7 billion EUR
          • o USA - Current 513.3 million EUR, 2030 estimated at 8.3 billion EUR


          760,000 DKK (Innofounder, til Sep ’23), 25,000 (Mikrolegat), 40,000 (Equity)

          Current status

          • o Developing and testing 2nd prototype; on-site test in Dec ‘22/Jan’23
          • o Designing MVP


          Sustainable growth focused on the Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway)

          CONNECT Denmark — Bryghuspladsen 8, 3. sal, 1473 København K — Telefon: +45 27 28 17 86 — E-mail: connect@connectdenmark.com — Sociale platforme:
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