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SPRINGBOARD® in Copenhagen: Startup driving technological advancement in the media industry with unique desktop and SaaS solutions

  • 25 Oct 2023
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Sydbank, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Erhvervscenter København; Kgs. Nytorv 30, 1050 København K
  • 16


  • Signup deadline: 18. October 2023
  • Signup deadline: 18. October 2023

Introduction to SPRINGBOARD®

The startup is a tech startup that emerged from Aalborg University while working with bio-signals for emotional detection. Currently, the startup has reached the beta level with a software analysis tool developed in collaboration with actors from the media industry (tailored to address their needs). The solution introduces the possibility of obtaining emotional insights into media productions, such as trailers and commercials, which can be used to increase the quality and commercial success of media content. Additionally, the startup has engineered a biosensor hardware prototype and is introducing a new type of advertisement technology: Adaptive Product Placement.

So far, the startup has secured funding for the next 24 months of approx. 2 million DKK and has orders for 800.000 DKK.

Questions for sparring

For this SPRINGBOARD®, panelists are sought who can provide sparring in the following areas:

            The startup primarily seeks advice on the following two subjects:

            Product strategy

            The startup would like feedback on its product portfolio, including an assessment of viable strategies. Such as which products sound most promising, and if the board would find it best to choose only one of the four products to focus on. Preferably with actionable advice and concrete leads if possible.


            If no tangible leads to ensure the likeness of generating substantial sales on a specific product are provided, and the startup must make a choice based on future potential alone, they lean towards investing all internal resources in Product X (a specific streaming technology that will be present during the springboard). However, development, and gaining production (licenses) require either a very high-profile investor or a partner with both capital and content rights. The question to the board is then if they have any actionable advice towards gaining a specific partner or investor. Or any other advice on how to go about funding a project of this scale?

                        Industry: Software/SaaS

                        Development stage: Proof of Concept

                        Region: Copenhagen

                        Competencies required:

                        • Business Development
                        • Financing, Funding & Raising Capital
                        • Strategy and growth plans
                        • Marketing & Distribution Channels
                        • Partnerships

                        This SPRINGBOARD® will be held in Danish

                        The problem

                        1. The creative production process in the media industry does not involve insights from the end users into the decision-making process. Decisions are mainly based on artistic intuition.

                        2. Neuromarketing companies offering similar solutions are not focused on making their products easy to use for new customers and have not implemented timesaving automatizations to increase the commercialization of the products. Further, the general pricing on the market excludes most medium-sized businesses and makes it hard for researchers to find sufficient funding to purchase an adequate number of licenses to fit their ideal needs.

                        The solution

                        The value proposition to the startup’s customers (both in new and existing markets) is enhancing product quality by acquiring and analyzing customer feedback on both individual and audience levels in a low-cost and high-validity solution. This has not yet been feasible for their customers, and they have had to rely on either poor, expensive, or no solutions.

                        The market

                        The beachhead market for the solution is short-format media productions that can be approached with a low-cost and low-risk solution that significantly optimizes the chances of intended success.

                        Sales cycles are shorter, which will help the startup get traction faster. The solution is one of the few solution providers within the space. The USPs are process optimization and quality enhancement, which makes the product more readily adopted. The current scope of the business is Scandinavia, where potential customers can be divided into 5 segments:

                        1) Broadcasters (DR, TV2, etc.)

                        2) Distributors (Nordisk Film, Square One Entertainment, SF Film)

                        3) Producers (established as well as upcoming graduates from film schools)

                        4) Film schools (Danish Film School, Super 16, Super 8, The Norwegian Film School etc.)

                        5) Marketing (Dansk Reklame Film, M2, etc.).

                        The startup has started a dialog of a collaboration with the German distribution company Square One, and is in the planning process of performing testing on the trailer for the new Holywood film ONE LIFE, starring Anthony Hopkins.

                        The team

                        One female co-founder with previous startup experience, and two master's degrees to support her in the role as CEO.

                        A co-founder CTO with a Master of Science in Information Technology is the main inventor of one of the company’s innovative tech products - with previous experience from both startup and manager positions in the private industry.

                        The third co-founder, our Software Architect, has extensive experience as a full-stack software developer, game creator, and entrepreneur.

                        Finally, our fourth co-founder has a Master's in bioengineering and qualified experience in data processing, quantitative analysis, machine learning (AI), and software coding.

                        Additionally, we hire software engineers and a licensed psychologist.


                        The startup received its first funding via nationally administered EU social funds in late 2021 (before officially establishing the company), with a combined worth of 70.000-100.000KKK.

                        Later they won a regional startup of the year award associated with 300.000 DKK. Followed by investments from the Innovation Fund Denmark in the scale of 280.000 DKK and an additional 760.000 DKK.

                        In the spring of 2023, they won a university scholarship of 250,000 DKK and received an additional 150,000 DKK in support from Beyond Beta.

                        Most recently they managed to elevate the level of funding to direct EU support - gaining an additional 400.000 EUR to the international consortium they have created (and are the lead of).

                        Lastly, the startup has been conditionally approved to receive an even larger EU ticket, which they are currently negotiating terms and conditions for.

                        CONNECT Denmark — Bryghuspladsen 8, 3. sal, 1473 København K — Telefon: +45 27 28 17 86 — E-mail: connect@connectdenmark.com — Sociale platforme:
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