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SPRINGBOARD® in Copenhagen: Startup will revolutionize how contracts are created in the music industry

  • 14 Aug 2024
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Danish Sound Cluster, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Lydens Hus; Gl. Kongevej 11, 1610 København V
  • 18


  • Tilmeldingsfrist: 7. august 2024.
  • Tilmeldingsfrist: 7. august 2024.


Introduction to SPRINGBOARD®

The startup offers a revolutionary service that simplifies contract creation in the music industry by providing tailored contracts in understandable language to meet the specific needs of the entire music industry worldwide.

Furthermore, the startup is 100% impartial and ensures full transparency about what a contract contains, so everyone is aware of what is being agreed upon.

Areas for sparring

For this SPRINGBOARD®, panelists with competencies/experience within these themes, are needed for sparring (prioritised):

                                        • How to structure a subscription-based price model?

                                        • How to get proof-of-concept?

                                        • How to develop an intriguing business case that will appeal to relevant investors?

                                          Industry: Digitalisation

                                          Development stage: Proof of Concept

                                          Company's CVR region: Capitol

                                          Competencies in the panel:

                                          • Business Models
                                            Financing, Funding & Raising Capital
                                          • Pricing

                                          Note: This SPRINGBOARD® will be held in Danish

                                          The mission

                                          Making the complicated simple.

                                          The problem

                                          • Unreliable DIY solutions

                                          • Complexity and high costs

                                          • Legal risks

                                          Business model

                                          Subscription based, USD 1,000 annually.

                                          Unlimited re-use and customization.

                                          The solution

                                          The solution offers a user-friendly platform where musicians can create legally sound contracts by answering simple questions about their agreement. The platform uses artificial intelligence to generate tailored contracts that meet the specific needs and requirements of both artists and organizers. Contracts can be easily edited and sent back and forth between parties for approval, ensuring a quick and efficient contract process.


                                          Law firms, LegalDesk, Contractbook, musiccontracts.com.


                                          A – CEO and founder has over 30 years of experience as a musician. He has previously worked as a lawyer for Warner Music and has deep insights into both the music industry and legal matters.

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